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At Patterson Justice Counsel, PLLC, we strive to live and work beyond the letter of the law to fully exemplify the spirit of justice and equality that we believe is an inherent component the law. In fulfilling our core value of education, we aspire to not only solve the legal challenges facing our clients, but to educate our clientele and the larger community on the complexities of the legal system and legal issues affecting the greater population.

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Finally, subscribe to stay up to date on the latest developments regarding Principal Attorney Tina M. Patterson’s upcoming book on Race and American Law. Announced in June 2021, Patterson’s anticipated book on race and American jurisprudence is coming after the historic guilty verdict of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin and his sentencing of 22 years in prison for George Floyd’s murder, as the country is reexamining the use and application of the law in our elusive pursuit of equal justice under law.

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