Attorney Patterson Delivers Justice for Black Consumer Against Major White Dealership


“We are going to push to ensure that our demands will be met.”

Attorney Patterson delivers justice for recent client: Secures settlement of new vehicle worth double the price, plus refund of all previous payments.

In a case garnering significant public attention, Principal Attorney Tina M. Patterson of Patterson Justice Counsel, PLLC, recently took on the matter of Mrs. Eugenia Willis. Mrs. Willis, accompanied by Attorney Patterson, shared her experience on Redline 910AM, a popular radio program hosted by national journalist Bankole Thompson, about what transpired at a GM Dealership in Ferndale and how she felt during her ordeal.

Patterson Justice Counsel, PLLC Client Eugenia Willis with the 2022 Buick Enclave Avenir, newly-built specifically for her, acquired in a settlement agreement secured by Principal Attorney Tina M. Patterson.

In December 2021, Mrs. Willis upgraded her vehicle to the latest 2022 GMC Terrain, which she purchased at the Suburban Buick GMC Dealership in Ferndale, Michigan. Mrs. Willis conveyed the need for heated seating in the vehicle to assist in comforting her mother during the cold Michigan winters.

However, Mrs. Willis was shocked to discover the very next day that the vehicle was sold without a semi-conductor chip. Without this necessary component, the vehicle did not have the crucial heated seating that her mother relied upon for comfort as agreed upon during the sale.

Mrs. Willis timely informed the dealership of the lack of a chip in the car, but was met with the utmost disrespect from the entire sales and management team at the Ferndale Suburban Buick GMC, who refused to repair the vehicle to conform to what was agreed upon under the sales contract.

Rather than accept the disrespect, Mrs. Willis contacted our office, and we went to work to deliver justice for her and her elderly mother who depended on the comfort features of the vehicle. Attorney Patterson unrelentingly demanded nothing less than an exchange of the vehicle along with a reimbursement of all payments made under the contract.

Mrs. Eugenia Willis meets with Principal Attorney Tina M. Patterson.

Patterson noted the lack of respect the GM dealership displayed toward their Black consumer market represented by Willis, observing that it would gladly take a Black consumer’s hard earned money without delivering an equitable result or fair bargain in return. Patterson also stated that no customer deserved to be treated so poorly when they are simply seeking fairness in exchanging agreed upon value under contract. For Patterson, the case was simple. “I will not allow my client, a Black woman to continue to be disrespected. I will ensure that my Black client gets justice, and we are going to push to ensure that our demands will be met.”

After tense negotiations and widespread, mounting public pressure, Attorney Patterson secured a settlement exchanging Willis’ existing 2022 GMC Terrain for a newly-built 2022 Buick Enclave Avenir MSRP $60,540, which is double the value of the Terrain, and featured the much needed heating seating to comfort her 80-year old mother. The settlement also included reimbursement of all the payments made on the 2022 GMC Terrain and continued lease payments at the amount of the previous agreement with no additional deposit required.

With unwavering demands and aggressive advocacy, Attorney Patterson obtained a deserving, just resolution for Mrs. Willis, and fulfilled the promise of the Patterson Doctrine: to stand on the side of justice when someone has been wronged because we believe it is a moral call to conscience that always requires an answer in the affirmative.

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