Are you ready to invest in your family’s future? Are you ready to make decisions out of faith, not fear?

Then Save the Date for our FIRST Estate Planning Challenge, LIVE and Online!

March 27-31, 2023.

Decode the myths of Estate Planning that keep people from making plans that would benefit them and their family for generations to come. Get your questions answered about this often taboo and fear-inducing subject.

Learn the basics, such as:

What Is Estate Planning?

Find out answers to questions you can take immediate action on, like:

What steps can I take to protect my property right now?

What can I do to leave an immediate inheritance without court interference?

Unlock answers to the following questions that cause the most harm and confusion:

Can Estate Planning help you during life or only in death?

Are You Risking Generational Wealth?

Too often, fear of not knowing enough paralyzes us from taking any action when it comes to planning sensitive and private life affairs. Worst of all, fear of even thinking about death itself is considered taboo, so we don’t even bother to plan out of fear that the worst is immediately going to happen.

Learn how these taboo and fearful ways of thinking trap us into inaction that actually HURTS rather than Helps those who we love the most.

During this Challenge, you will STOP thinking of Estate Planning as:





And instead, you will learn now estate planning is actually:



and …


If you are finally ready to invest in the best for yourself and the future of your family, then SAVE THE DATE for the Challenge:

March 27-31, 2023.

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