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Patterson Justice Counsel PLLLC Offers Virtual Services

With Principal Attorney Tina M. Patterson, our firm meets with clients online to discuss pertinent legal needs.

Safe, confidential legal advice and recommendations.

During the consultation, we encourage you to be open and honest, as all information will be kept strictly confidential, regardless of whether further legal services are provided.

With this service, you will be able to book video appointments with our attorneys and consult online about the legal issues you are experiencing without leaving the comfort of your home.

Save time and hassles.

Book your appointment quickly, from the comfort of your home.

Gain personal 1:1 attention.

Meet with our Principal Attorney in an exclusive, confidential meeting to discuss and dissect your legal obstacles.

Get professional quality legal insight.

Review legal actions and case documents during the meeting to determine legal options.

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Take control of your legal affairs and the well-being of your family and get professional legal guidance from wherever you are. Save yourself the trouble of arriving at the office, hassling for parking, and waiting in a lobby. Sign up for our online consultation and receive personal attention covering a substantive range of legal issues.

We Get Results:

Our clients come to us stressed, aggrieved, and often feeling a significant loss- of property, health, and loved ones. We listen and advocate to obtain the best results possible to make our clients whole.

Patterson Justice Counsel, PLLC

Patterson Justice Counsel is a private practice owned and operated by Principal Attorney Tina M. Patterson, dedicated to providing quality legal services and aggressive advocacy in Detroit and the Southeast Michigan area. Attorney Patterson’s work has centered around using the power of the legal system in helping individuals and families overcome challenges that are sometimes deemed insurmountable. Attorney Patterson has assisted clients in navigating various roads of the legal system, securing benefits and seeking justice for wrongfully aggrieved clients in the court system. 

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